Discovery to Development PhD Careers in Industry (Article 1)

BY: THOMAS R. COUGHLIN, PHD This article highlights the movement of flow of scientific discovery through development leading to the consumer, with the different industries and careers along the way In the lab and academic world, it’ hard to be aware of all the careers outside of academics. We’ve found out that there are large number of careers for PhDs that are science-related and trace back to discovery in…

Self-Diagnosing Your PhD or Postdoc: Assess for Success

BY: THOMAS R COUGHLIN, PHD Note from the authors: This article explains the roots of specific systemic problems that can exist in a PhD or postdoctoral position. The information has been gathered from first-hand experiences, colleague testimonials, and research into academic programs. Throughout your PhD and postdoctoral (postdoc) appointment, it’s vital to check the pulse of your progress….