How to Make Progress in Your PhD – Change From the Inside Out

Defining what success means to you is empowering.

In college, I remember my Circuits professor saying, “V=IR, ” and pointing to the blackboard during the first class, “put this equation in your toolbox and you’ll get through this course.” I don’t use Circuits anymore, but I do remember that equation and his analogy.

Getting the right books and mindsets into your toolbox can change your life.

We recommend putting this book into your tool box.

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People
By Stephen R. Covey
(check price on Amazon)

The 7 Habits is not only a book to read during your PhD or postdoc, but is great at any point of life. This book is a must read and receives the highest recommendation because the 7 habits are valuable for many aspects of life including, relationships, work, career, family, and other interests. The book will help you focus on achieving your goals. After you read it, it will be a great reference and tool for empowerment.

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