Discovery to Development PhD Careers in Industry- Grants Management and Publications (Article 2)


This article highlights PhD careers in grants management in 
government and nonprofits and publications.

In the last article we reviewed the path of discovery to development with the important industries that play a role on the way. In this article we’ll highlight careers for PhDs in government and nonprofits and in publications.

This graphic appears in all of this article series. Here we focus on “Other Entities,” Government, and Publishing Companies.

Funding: Government & Other Agencies

Government funding branches and other entities including universities, nonprofits, charities, and societies, all fund academic research. 

PIs develop ideas and conduct research for new technology or devices. The research is conducted at early stages of the Translational Research Spectrum (typically T0 to T2).

Entry Level Careers for PhDs in Grants Management

  • Program Coordinator or Director in nonprofits to engage with public, choose grants, follow-up on progress of grants
  • Grants Manger in government agencies and societies – managing the selection of grants


Research is published through publishing companies. Journals, such as Nature and Science have roles for PhDs. In these journals, they typically start as editors.

Entry Level Career for PhDs in Publications

  • Journal Editor / Scientific Editor – this role can include conducting publicity for the journal, visiting conferences, exploring new journal areas, and other focuses

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