A Day in the Life of a Data Scientist

Here is a great video that we’ve found on being a Data Scientist. It is by the Simplilearn channel on Youtube.

We’ve written out the typical steps in the life of a project of a Data Scientist. Video below!

1. Asking Questions – finding exactly what the client is looking for and asking for you need to help get at the problem

2. Data Acquisition – scraping data from multiple sources (web servers, logs, databases, APIs, online repositories)

3. Data Preparation – data cleaning and data transformation. fixing duplicate and missing values to clean it and make it uniform and ready to be analyzed for visualization. Programs used are typically Talent and Informatica

4. Exploratory Data Analysis – defines and refines the selection of feature variables that will be used in the model development

5. Data Modeling – applies KNN, decision tree, naive bias models to work and train the data. Then, the best model is selected with Python, R, or SAS

6. Data Visualization and Communication – Tableau, Power Bi, and Qlik View to create power reports and dashboards

7. Deploys and Maintains the Model – uses reports and data to get real-time analytics

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